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GCH T-and-P Kane's Apple *M  E1134645
1999 Chamois  LA 4-06 87(VVVV)  6-03  90(VEEE) 50%L 25%T
   SS: Dusty Rose Euripides
S: Dusty Rose RIP's Sugar Kane
   SD: Dusty Rose Brown Sugar 6x CH
    DS:*B Coastside Lotta Surf
D: CH T-and-P Surf's Anemone
    DD: T-and-P Apollo's Audrey  (T)
2004 All-American RG Mature Milker
5-11  304  2860  110 '05 Top Ten B'fat

  Apple is our beauty and she is still on strong feet and legs at 8 yrs old. She has a tightly attached udder and is very correct. She has been very competitive in the ring, starting in '02 with 3x 1st, 2x RCH, 2x BUOB, 2x 1st Produce of Dam, 1x GCH, 1x BOB and 1x 3rd. In '03, Apple was 2x 1st, 2x RCH, 2x 2nd and 1x 3rd. The '04 season was phenomenal!!! She was shown 4x with 4x 1st, 4x CH, 4x BOB, 3x BUOB and 2x BDIS!! '05 was good too with 3x BOB, 2x BUOB, 1x BDIS and 1x 2nd. Apple developed a uterine infection in '06, but we have cleared her up and she did freshen in '08. At 9 years old she is still on strong feet and legs and carrying good weight and we expect more beautiful kids from this doe!

Apple passed on 2-16-2012 in a very difficult kidding of a LARGE buck kid that also died in the delivery. She will be live forever in the descendants here and sorely missed!


T-and-P Zeke Violet-Xpression    GE1400023 SOLD!!
2007 Chocolate Sundgau w/elf ears
  SS: +B One*Oak*Hill Hesston Cycas
S: +B Autumn-Acres Jrupent Zeke
  SD:SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrupent
   DS: +*B Becca's Too Hot to Handle
D: T-and-P Hot Dakota-Violet 2*M
   DD: T-and-P Dakota *M LA 85(VEV+)
 2007 Rsv All-American RG Kid
2008 All-American Dry Yearling RG


Xpression is a very sweet, stretchy doe. She is very Stylish and correct. She was shown 6x '07 with 2x 2nd, 2x 4th, 1x 5th and 15th place RG Sr Kid at Nationals in WY. She was also part of 1st place Jr Get of Sire. She was left open to show as a Dry Yearling in '08 and she was 2x 1st, 1x Jr CH (earning her dry leg). We are very excited about the Hot/Zeke crosses we are getting and expect a pretty udder with lots of milk. Xpression freshened with very good attachment and balance to her udder. We would like a more pleasing size and shape to her teats but she is a very easy milker and produces well. She was shown 2 X's in 2010 with 2 X's 1st and 1 X RCH. We expect her to improve as she matures.


Kidded to Yakutat on Feb 24 with 1 Doe                                          Does-$300    
T&P Yacob's Yasper-Baca     GL1564019
2011 Black w/ splashes    75%L 
   SS: +*B Becca's Too Hot to Handle
S:*B T-and-P Delite's Hot Yacob
   SD:SG T-and-P Kane's Delight LA 89 *M 2xCH 
  DS:*B T-and-P Zeke's Sweet Walkabout
D: T-and-P Walkabout Red-Yasper
   DD:The Red Reba *M '05 TopTen LA88
  Baca which means "mulberry" is a lovely doeling with lots of depth to her barrel and spring of rib. She should be a good milk producer. She is on strong feet and legs and very dairy. We look forward to showing her again next year as a Dry yearling.


T-and-P Walkabout Red-Yasper  GL1454323  SOLD!!!

2008 Black w/white splashes, wattles   50% L

     SS:+B Autumn-Acres Jrupent Zeke LA88
S:*B T-and-P Zeke's Sweet Walkabout
      SD:  T-and-P Joshua's Sweet Reward *M
 D: The Red Reba *M '05 TopTen LA88  NOA
 Yasper is a flashy black and white pinto. She is tall and growthy with correct feet and legs and level topline. We are looking forward to showing her and she has freshened with a well attached udder and lots of milk.
Kidded to Aliyah Feb 9 1 Doe/1 Buck                                                       Does-$200








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