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LaMancha Bucks used for live service

Matrix IN Shadow Summit   L1466276

T-and-P Wakon Xtrvgant Yakuatat  L1517511
*B T-and-P Taco's Apple-Zadik   E1518607 (88% L 13% T)
*B T-and-P Dream's Delite Wendigo  AI   AL1397746
T-and-P Conagher SFR Aliyah  AI  L1558291
Matrix CR Balthazar    L (pending)



Matrix IN Shadow Summit  L 1466276

2008 Sundgau

     SS: Matrix Yuppie Issak
S: Matrix Issak Newton
   SD: Baby Blues BR Protoge
    DS: Matrix SF Sandstorm
D: Matrix Sandstorm Shadow
   DD: Rocky-Run Hot Double Diamond (Hot X Marble)

 Summit came to us in a trade with Bill Hanks (formerly of Drucken-Hanks) and his name is very fitting since he was born in the shadow of Pike's Peak in Colorado. He is out of a very nice doe with good production and a well attached udder. Summit is level and correct with good dairy character and excellent legs all the way around. We like the sharpness of his withers and smooth blending. With Summit's bloodlines going back to Becca's Too Hot to Handle, we think he will blend well with the lines that we have. Summit also carries bloodlines from Altrece, Timber Cove, Drucken-Hanks, Winterwood, Me's Ranch, Velvet-Acres and South-Fork. He will be used on many more of our does this year. We really like the high open escutcheons that we are seeing in his daughters. he is producing very correct kids! Summit's first two daughters have freshened and we are VERY pleased with the udders!

T-and-P Wakon Xtravgant Yakutat  L1517511
2008 Tri Broken Sundgau

   SS: +*B Becca's Too Hot to Handle  LA 87

S:*B T-and-P Hot Peach WakonTanka  LA 83   

   SD: T-and-P Shroud's Peaches  LA 85


   DS: +B Autumn-Acres Jrupent Zeke LA 88

D: T-and-P Zeke Vogue-Xtravagant

   DD: SG T-and-P Tiger's Tiara-Vogue 2*M LA 87


 Yakutat is out of our very classy Xtravagant, who is one of our top daughters of +B Autumn-Acres Jrupent Zeke. His sire, Wakon is giving us very correct daughter that milk VERY well and wide and level. Yakutat combines National Champion and Best Udders on both top and bottom. His kids look quite promising and the 1st ones will freshen in 2012. Yak is not as long as we would like but he is quite deep and has good body capacity and spring of rib.

*B T-and-P Taco's Apple-Zadik   E1518607
2009 Broken Sundgau w/spots

     SS:+*B Becca's Too Hot to Handle  LA 1-05 87
S: *B T-and-P Spicey Hot Taco
     SD: SG T-and-P Shadow's Peach-Spice 2*M LA 88
     DS: Dusty-Rose RIP's Sugar Kane
D:GCH T-and-P Kane's Apple *M  LA 90(VEEE) TT
     DD: CH T-and-P Surf's Anemone '01 All-American    
   Zadik is 88% L and 13% Toggenburg and normally I wouldn't have kept an experimental buck, BUT his dam, Apple is such a gorgeous doe! She has been Best Doe in Show several times, Top Ten B'fat in '05, All-American RG in '04. Zadik combines the best does in my herd (Apple and Spice) with Becca's Too Hot to Handle. I have several daughter's from Hot that are quite lovely, one of which was BJrDIS at the '07 Montana State Fair! Zadik's sire, Taco was on the Young Sire Program in '04. We lost Taco in '09 and decide to keep this one!!! We expect him to produce very correct, dairy and productive daughters as well as colorful! Zadik's 1st doelings are Bithyah, Bereshith (on Jr Doe page) and Behiyluw (on the For Sale page). All are very correct and classy kids.

*B T-and-P Dream's Delite Wendigo AI   AL1397446
2006 Tri Color Chamoise



       SS:++*B Clovertop's Spirit Wolf  2 CH dau.
S: *B Winterwood's SW Dream Master 2 dau ave 86
       SD: SGCH Winterwood's DJ Mystic 3* LA 88
      DS: Dusty-Rose RIP's Sugar Kane  1 GCH dau
D:SG T-and-P Kane's Delight *M LA 89(EEEV) 2xCH
       DD: T-and-P Joshua's Morning Dove


     Wendigo is colored very much like his dam, Delight.  He has tremendous size and scale along with sharp withers and back, very correct legs front and rear, smooth blending and power and the finishing touch, a Very pretty masculine head.  His sire, Dreammaster, is reported to be an udder buck and is out of the gorgeous, GCH Winterwood's DJ Mystic, who is a full sister to Winterwood's Medicine Man.  So we are very hopeful!!!!! Wendigo's Dam, Delight, and 1/2 sister, Tiramisu, have their SG status! Wendigo's maternal sisters are Xhilerate and Xpose' on the Sr Doe page and his daughters have high wide rear udders, smooth, well extended fores and good medials with nice teat size and shape.                                             We will be using him again this year.

T-and-P Conagher SFR Aliyah  AI    L1558291

 2010 Fawn (Silver Chocolate) and white pinto w/ wattles

    SS:++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed 
S:++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher LA 92
    SD: One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Marin  LA 89
   DS:++*B South-Fork SC Titan  LA 88
D: South-Fork TTN Rhea
     DD: SGCH South-Fork Taipei Terra  3* LA 89

 Aliyah (pictured in full rut) is line bred on ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed, with his sire, ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher and his granddam's sire, +B One*Oak*Hill TumbleWeed Taipei. Aliyah, which means "returning to the Promised Land", is a very flashy buck with correct legs and feet, level topline and smoothly blended. His 1st two kids are wide, level, correct and have the best rear legs when viewed from the rear of any born this year! We are excited to see more kids and udders from him. His 1st daughter has freshened with a show-stopper udder and we are very excited about having her appraised in June and Showing her this summer!!!!  Aliyah will be getting LOTS of does this fall!!


Matrix CR Balthazar      L (pending)

2011 Black w/splashes and wattles

      SS:+*B GCH Winterwood's XL Hudson

S:*B South-Fork HD Courage
      SD:GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M LA 92
    DS: Matrix DD Sequoia
D: Matrix Sequoia Cricket
    DD: Matrix SY Cinco De Mayo
 Balthazar is a very correct and dairy buck kid. He is long and level with good feet and legs. His sire is *B South-Fork HD Courage, son of the 2007 Nat. Ch GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M LA 92. His dam, pictured here as a yearling, carries bloodlines from many top herds including, Winterwood, Altrece, South-Fork, Becca's, Rocky Run, Autumn-Acres, Me's Ranch and many more. We will be using him on several doelings this fall. Balthazar was a May kid so we will have to wait a year before we use him on our older does (ugh!). We are excited to see kids from him! His 1st kids are on the ground and we are VERY EXCITED!! They are LARGE, long, level, correct and stylish with long bone pattern!!! Can't wait to show them.








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