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Our place is nestled in the rolling foothills of Montana, where we raise LaMancha and Recorded Grade dairy goats and Toy and Mini Rat Terrier dogs. Our home is remote and "off-grid", being powered by solar and wind power for the most part. Our goats are raised in a very natural way, grazing on native pasture most of the time, but also being fed alfalfa hay, grain and wet beet pulp. All births are attended whenever possible and teats are taped just in case. All our doelings, pre-ordered bucklings and AI babies are raised on a CAE prevention program of heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk from Neg does. We vaccinate all kids for Tetanus (lock-jaw) and Clostridium Perfringens Type C&D (over-eaters disease) and give annual boosters to all adults. Our does and bucks are tested annually for CAE and we do Linear Appraisal every other year or as ADGA will schedule eastern Montana. The herd is healthy and abscess free. We are currently on Official DHIR milk test. We have 5 TOP TEN PRODUCERS and 3 more that should make the list for '08, after 4 years back on test. We show at the Montana State Fair and Montana Fair each year and other shows when possible.   

  We did get a well drilled for water this spring, which IS a GREAT advancement here (and we still have to come up with the $4000.00 for it but have come up with money for pump, lines, tank and more solar panels to run it)!!! So purchases of any kind will be much appreciated, from kids and bucks to jewelry and crafts. THANK YOU to ALL of you in advance!!!!  We are also starting on an Earthship (www.earthship.net) for us to live in so that we can move out of the '70 something 2 bed room mobile home that we are currently in. We are working on setting up a page for that to keep everyone up to date on our progress.                

 We bought our first goat, a grade Togg doe that was bred to an Alpine buck, in 1975 while living in Michigan. That doe of course, produced twin bucks, but we were hooked! Our children joined 4-H in 1985 and joined ADGA and 1987. We were raising Toggs at that time, but in 1989, when Tom was injured at work, we started working more with LaManchas and in 1991 we purchased Coastside Lotta Surf, our founding sire. He was a wonderful buck!! He improved on the does that we had, but never got the recognition he deserved as only his yearling daughters were on DHIR and were never Appraised. In 1993 we sold out everything but the LaManchas and in '95 after Tom was finally awarded his Social Security Disability, we found 160 acres in Montana and moved. We are still working on building a house and putting in fences and a barn, but we really enjoy the beauty and peace that we have here.

A kid may be reserved with a $100.00 deposit. Please make a 1st 2nd and 3rd choice in case the bucks don't cooperate in producing the requested sex of kid. Notification will be made as births occur. Remainder of the purchase price must be postmarked within 2 weeks of notification of birth and kid must be picked up at the farm or shipped by the time said kid is 4 weeks old, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed to. Shipping costs including crate, vet fees, flight ticket and gas expense to Billings are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Payments may be made by check, money order and sent to Tom or Paulette Buckner, P O Box 281, Melstone, Montana 59054 or PayPal (buckner@wildblue.net).

Craft items and artwork are constantly changing, but you may contact us to see what is currently available or place a custom order thru our newly developed catalog. We have had a vendor table at the '04 Convention in New Mexico, '05 Convention in Kansas City, '07 Convention in Fort Collins, CO, the '06 Nationals in Indianapolis, '07 Nationals in Wyoming and '08 Nationals in Louisville, KY. We hope to see you again in '09!!

1st Place Open Class Art entry at the '07 Convention

"Eyes on Colorado"

is a sculpted wood adaptation of the new ADGA logo with paintings on four sections, the Swiss head is of the Rocky Mountains, the LaMancha head is of the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, the Nubian head is of an alpine meadow with aspens and pines and the forth section is of a mountain gorge with a white water river flowing thru it.


This item auctioned for $600.00 with proceeds going to ADGA.


We are looking forward to seeing you at shows and events in '09!!!

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